Medical Direction

At RESQRS (Regional Emergency Support Quick Response Service), transparency is at the core of our operations. As an EMS agency, emergency service, and medical transportation provider, we are dedicated to serving our patients, customers, and clients with utmost transparency. Our mission aligns with yours, and our goal is to support our partners by being a reliable force that can "go anywhere and do anything" for the betterment of our pre-hospital community and employment culture.

Logistics and Ground Transportation

RESQPGH operates from our West Mifflin, PA location, providing efficient logistics and ground transportation services. Our team of coordinators and dispatchers oversees our non-emergency operations and ensures seamless medical transportation with skilled drivers.

911 Emergency Medical and First Responder Services

RESQEMS is our division that specializes in providing 911 emergency medical and first responder services. Recognized by Greene Twp, Hookstown Boro, Georgetown Boro, and Hanover Twp through passed resolutions, RESQRS has been appointed as a dual-primary provider in these municipalities. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service and have dedicated one ALS ambulance specifically for Greene Twp. This unit is solely focused on emergency response and will not be utilized for non-emergency hospital discharges or transfers. Additionally, RESQRS plans to enhance community support and assist local EMS agencies through the deployment of a paramedic response vehicle (PRV). This PRV will promptly respond to the scene, delivering initial patient care while an ambulance is en route from other areas. It will also offer ALS intercept services to BLS ambulances, ensuring patients receive advanced life support measures when necessary.

Special & Joint Operations

RESQRS is proud to maintain special operations and joint operations in the region. These initiatives allow us to collaborate with other organizations and respond effectively to complex situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Partnership with Innovative Public Safety (IPS)

To enhance our medical direction, clinical oversight, and continuing education, RESQRS has formed a strategic partnership with Innovative Public Safety (IPS). Through this collaboration, we have enlisted the expertise of Dr. Sanford Littwin, a highly experienced anesthesiologist with over 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. Littwin is dedicated to providing exceptional medical direction that meets the prehospital care needs of the region and state. With a combination of clinical expertise, administrative acumen, and relationship-building skills, he delivers education, advocacy, and quality care to our clients. Dr. Littwin currently practices at Butler Memorial Hospital, further enriching our knowledge and expertise.

Our prioritization of transparency is due to our belief that by fostering open and honest communication, we can build trust, ensure accountability, and deliver the highest standard of prehospital care. We remain committed to serving our community with integrity, and professionalism.